This is not the B-Bob website! (B Bob, B-Bob, B-Bob-collection)

B-bob (or B bob or bbob or beebob), the original beanbag collection has a wide variety of beanbags including the black label, orange label and Disney collection.
Choose your style and matching color for your beanbag!

B-bob, beebob of bbob is een producent van zitzakken of beanbags. Ontdek nu het uitgebreide gamma van b-bob beanbag(s) zoals black label, orange label en Disney collection.
Sitzsack zitzak zitzakken

DMS-Furnitures (B Bob Collection, ZicZac, B-Bob-Collection)
ZI De la Rouge Porte
59250 Halluin
Tel: 0033(0)320237416
Fax: 0033(0)320237265

orange label - round
orange label - square
orange label - original
orange label - lounge
orange label - sleepy
orange label - lazy

black label - banana
black label - square
black label - original
black label - round
black label - sleepy
black label - lazy

disney - lazy (Mickey, Winnie, Princess)
disney - round (Mickey, Winnie, Princess)
disney - ile (Mickey, Winnie, Princess)

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